5 Handy Fashion Tips For Girls On A Budget

It’s the month’s end and your bank balance is shouting at the top of its volume “save me”! But you still can’t resist your urge to go shopping, can you? To face such situations head-on, we bring to you some handy fashion tips to stay ahead even when on a budget. These tips are a new set of rules to swear by to always look hip and cool even without splurging your money on expensive brands, clothes, accessories or shoes!

Read on for the top 5 fashion tips for broke girls:

Quality over quantity, always

No doubt, we all tend to buy more clothes that consequently and unfortunately sit in our wardrobes without coming to any use. So the rule is to focus on quality over quantity. Just don’t buy that item if it is on sale, buy it only if you plan to wear it. This ways you will not only end up saving your money, but also some space in your closet and situations like “I have got nothing to wear”!

Invest in key wardrobe items

Your closet must contain items like a white tea, basic denims, little black dress, high heels, trench coat and a chic bag. These are some basic, universal staples you just can’t do without. They can be mixed and matched on any occasion and made to last all the seasons. But choose them carefully, and ensure they fit your taste and style.

Mix and match

Why wear the same tee with the same pair of jeans? Mix and match! Accessorize your looks; add a scarf, a belt and some heels. Replace that basic denim with a ripped one. Change your hairstyle and add some jewels. You can always freshen up your look by mixing and matching different items from your closet, and creating a new look every day.

Don’t buy something that would look great on you “when you lose some weight”

We all have those dresses that don’t fit us at present but we always dream of wearing it after we lose some inches. Girls, why buy something that would just overload our wardrobe and not come to use anytime soon? The trick is to buy something that is currently in trend and fits you perfectly!

Go for high street brands

After all they are budget-friendly! Yes, brands like Forever21, H&M and Topshop offer some really cool stuff at affordable prices. The trick while shopping at these stores is to stick with solids, try different colors and buy small prints.

PS: It is not about what you buy, but how you wear it!

Try these tips, and we assure you would end up saving a lot of bucks while still looking stylish as ever!


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