Style tips to look stylish without spending

Hello guys!! Believe it or not, the way you dress up plays a key role in shaping your confidence. When we step out of the house in a well dressed manner, we automatically walk with confidence and poise. But fashion has a price tag too! A lot of times while window shopping or just hanging out with friends in a mall, certain price tags can intimate us. But we still want to look charming without spending such a hefty price. Today I have certain style tips and tricks for you that can make you look expensive without spending a lot. An instant boost of confidence is added bonus!

The basic trick behind any outfit is finding the right size and right combination. Adding too much jewellery of wearing really tight fitted clothes will take you nowhere. These are my personal tips but you can obviously just take inspiration and find your own style according to your body shape and lifestyle.

Here we go…


Solid colors

Pairing the some color from top to bottom make a style statement in itself. Solid pieces can be styles in so many different ways. You can easily find such pieces in various stores for really less price. Dress them up or dress down depending on the combinations you select. Solid colors, especially neutrals and blacks can make you look really elegant and refined. Pairing solid colors helps achieve a classic and elevated style. Color blocking is a technique used by many celebrities and is an amazing way to use solid colors without looking plain and dull. And if the fabric you find for less is cheap then adding a print to it makes it even worse, so if the fabric isn’t that great then I would recommend going with solid colors and skipping the prints altogether.


Stick to classic fits

Well fitted clothes are part of formal attire for good reason. The clothes that fit well makes you look smart and polished. If your clothes are too tight or too lose, too long or too short, show too much cleavage or make you look like a mummy…nothing is gonna make you look good no matter how expensive your clothes are. We look up to runway models for inspirations but the outfits they wear are only great for certain special event, they are a big no no for daily wear. Try and find what suits your body shape. Decide which parts you wish to hide and which ones to you wanna accentuate. For example, to highlight a thin waist but still hide the skinny look using peplum tops is an amazing idea.


Stock up your Basics

Things like plain black/white t-shirts or prints like stripes are really hard to mess up and pretty easy to style. Basic t-shirts look great with printed pants. Stripes can look great with a plain pair of jeans and a denim jacket. These can also be used to mix and match various other pieces to avoid spending extra bucks. Black is a classic color and can be used with almost every color and can be incorporated in a billion different ways.


Do not spend on new fashion trends immediately

Its always wise to invest in good staple pieces such as a pair of jeans, a classic white shirt or a little black dress but not so much on every fashion trend that hit the runway. Reading this on a fashion blog can be really weird but what I mean is, when a trend arrives try to wait for a few weeks because by that time some stores will have an exact copy of the expensive pieces and you can buy them for way too less. Moreover, not every trend can be pulled off by everyone. Understand your style and experiment but do not invest on things you aren’t sure about. Buying stuff just because celebs are wearing it is not a very wise idea. If you are unsure, you can also rent them first


Statement jewellery

This one is my favorite to elevate a look. Statement pieces are like an instant solution to a boring outfit. Stores like FOREVER 21 always have some amazing statement jewellery which is of good quality. Pairing statement pieces with solid colors can instantly add an extra something and make it all look putting together. In Delhi, Sarojini Nagar is an amazing place to look for statement jewellery for a lesser price point. It uplifts your look and is a great idea to dress up a plain dress for a special event.



Solid structured handbags automatically give an edgier look and gives grace as well. A bag with straight edges and solid colors always look great. They look expensive and go well with formals as well as casuals. Neutral colors are great for everyday outfits. FOREVER 21 are amazing stores for everybody looking for different styles under the same roof at a lower price point. Structured bags give a very high-end appearance and are easier to carry and fit in stuff.

This post simply focuses on buying things that can be reused and can be used to mix and match. Buying loads of clothes is not the solution to looking expensive. Buying wisely is the answer. The above list tells you about things that cannot be easily messed up and help you look beautiful always. Hope this guide helps you out. Always experiment and find your own style.


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